“My name is Mayari and I am a private chef and small events caterer. My passion is food, people, drinks, and the working system of all three put together. During my first year of business I was blessed to meet Kim. She has helped both my business and personal life in many ways. Kim has shown me what it means to be a smart businesswoman ; being a woman in business presents its own, unique challenges that I can honestly say may have gotten the better of me if I didn’t have Kim in my life who generously offered guidance, counsel and a safe space for venting. Watching Kim work has proven her ability to ask to right questions, get to the bottom of a situation and handle it professionally and with grace, something I aspire to do. She has supported my business in more ways than I can count, but the most important has been helping me prioritize what I like to do, which is cook! Making time to do what you love is a challenge I think many business owners go through during the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Kim helps you see beyond the daily and make smart choices to positively affect the future of your company.

I highly recommend working with Kim. Using her services expands beyond her detailed bookkeeping. It’s an opportunity for you to learn what is truly going on with your money and how you can focus on doing what you love more in the process.”
Mayari – Mayari’s Voyage: Personal chef & small events services

“Kim is an extraordinary asset to a new business starting out. When a new business opens its critical to get their business processes (ie chart of accounts, AP/AR, etc) in order. This lays the groundwork for success. Kim has a great way of reviewing how a business works and helping them to tweak it and have better bookkeeping and focus on their business. If you know someone starting a business or changing up how their business works, they should contact Kim to help them with their bookkeeping.”
Emily Greenwood – EKG Networking Inc.

“Like all small businesses, our focus and strength was providing excellent service to our customers, not in-house organization. Kim created order, added efficiencies, and streamlined the back end of our business. She is effective, efficient, honest, organized and exactly what we needed. Kim’s bookkeeping skills and competence allowed us to take our business to the next level and focus fully on reaching and serving our customers. She is an exceptional bookkeeper, remarkably organized, and boundlessly capable .”
Deborah Costolloe – Catchlight Painting

“As a business owner and therapist, I had no idea about organizing and creating an infrastructure for our finances. Kim was a Godsend! She came in and quickly created a bookkeeping system that was efficient and thorough, complying with all the appropriate government regulations. She is highly professional, knowledgeable and reliable. She is warm, friendly and fun to work with which is important. I trust her implicitly. Not only did she help us with our bookkeeping needs, but she has provided us with expert advice on growing our business. She has been an invaluable resource to the livelihood of our business. We are forever grateful to her and would highly recommend her services!”
Aliki Pishev – Center for Life Solutions

“Kim has managed all of the account receivables, payables, tenant invoicing and financial reporting for my real estate management business since 2008. While the business is small, it has become increasingly complicated to track many one-off payments and expenses, and Kim has mastered it with aplomb. She is competent and honest. Whenever the occasional error arises, as it inevitably does with so many transactions, she is the first to acknowledge and rectify it. I highly recommend her services.”
Jonathan Levine – Franklin Shopping Center

“Our small firm has been using KC Solutions from the day we started the business way back in 2003! Can say unequivocally that not only does Kim know her bookkeeping & QuickBooks material, but she is one of those rare professionals that has a breadth of knowledge that has been invaluable to my team. Without her our business would not be where it is today. She is easy to work with and understands well the demands on a small business owner.”
John Tartaglione – JMS Partners, Inc.

“Forget Gal G., Kim Craig is Wonder Woman! Our business transformed for the better during her years with us.  She has a unique blend of right-brain/left-brain business and art skills as well as a deep fund of world knowledge, and is a virtuoso at blending these. She was way more than our bookkeeper, she was an organizer, advisor, and (still is) a good friend. If you want a highly skilled, experienced, mature, caring, and funny! person to bring a unique perspective to your team, look no further.”
Greta Fox, Manager – David Fox, Photographer

“Kim exemplifies the word professional. Kim came into a situation that was mildly chaotic and put all in order. She is conscientious, competent, and extremely organized. I especially valued the way she kept up with government regulations and technological advances. Because Kim was such an excellent office manager, I was able to focus on the creative and sales side of the business. I highly recommend KCSolutions and, in fact, envy those who will have the pleasure of working with her.”
Maggie Hunt – Stockshop, Inc.

“Kim is an excellent bookkeeper who is especially well-suited to work with small business owners and nonprofit leaders who have full plates and limited bandwidth to focus on administrative and financial details. She was an excellent help to me when I was leading a nonprofit organization that was preparing to merge into another organization. She took our disorganized books and quickly and efficiently created order so that we were prepared for our next step. She is methodical, hard working, and knowledgeable.”
Meg Stone – IMPACT

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