I attended a networking meeting last Thursday and a lot of the members used independence as a theme in their presentations. This got me thinking this morning about the pursuit of happiness.

The administrative tasks in your business may not be its lifeblood but they often perform as the white blood cells that help keep your company healthy.

If you are wearing yourself down trying to do it all, perhaps you are not only compromising your physical well-being but that of your company as well. The next time you give yourself one of those highly necessary yet productive breaks, why not make a list of the tasks you love – and don’t love so much – that you do and are essential to your company’s operations?

Then make a bucket list. Add those things you would like to let go of and, if you or your business partners are not yet getting paid for the services you perform: think about putting that at the top of your list. It doesn’t have to be a lot, maybe $100 per week, but just being able to give yourself a little out of the company you are working so hard on, will bring you satisfaction.

Then give yourself a schedule. Write it in your calendar and try to check something off the list at least once a month.

And to get you started, these are a few administrative tasks you can easily “sub out” to an enterprising and dependable high school student for a few hours a week.

Scan and file receipts
Scan and file closed client files
Inventory and order office supplies
Inventory sundries and prepare the order list
Prepare a list of recently sold homes within your business area
Prepare your print advertising mailings/handouts/hangers

Just a thought.

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