Notice the forest

Sometimes all we can see are the trees. We get so involved in the details we fail to notice the forest.

Spending all of your time running around taking care of the details –  although they’re necessary –  can oftentimes make you forget why you decided to start your business in the first place.

And your business may suffer because there is no one to see the big picture – the forest – and notice the slow-moving blight that could be causing so much harm.

When you have a good bookkeeper, you have someone else keeping an eye on for your business. They may be able to see patterns before you: price increases from vendors, unusual expense reporting, clients who regularly take forever to pay. Working with someone who keeps on top of your income and expenses and provides you the data you need to support your organization is one less thing on your plate.

This position is a big deal and trust is essential so don’t go lightly into the process of hiring a bookkeeper. Make sure they know your expectations and can follow through and make sure you are available to provide the support needed for them to do their job well.

Take a look at how much time and effort you are spending on your company’s bookkeeping. Now imagine that time being spent with your family & friends or increasing your sales or creating a new product or networking.

Just a little something to think about.



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